Sticky: Sexy Sluts: My Trusty Rafeiro do Alentejo Makes Finding Sex Dates Easy

Date: January 6, 2014 with No Comments

There are some things that chicks just cannot resist. They simply melt at the sight of my Buddy. Buddy is Rafeiro do Alentejo breed of dog. That makes it a big, yellow mastiff dog, who is all happy and friendly and cuddly. He is big and strong and very kind. Women love Buddy. When I walk in the park with him, hot and sexy sluts, just like the kinds that you see in sexy videos approach us, pet him and talk to me.

One day, as Buddy and I were walking, a hot, tall and busty blonde came to me and asked me if we are available for breeding. She gave me her address and told me to come in the evening, together with Buddy to see if her Donna would like him.

She was so hot that I couldn’t say no, so I prepared myself and Buddy for our big date. We arrived and the girl opened the doors wearing very suggestive robe that covered very little. I suggested that we let the dogs get to know each other in the back yard and give them a couple of hours together to see if anything will happen.

She said that it will be more interesting to wait that time while drinking wine. We were at our third glass of wine and we were slightly touching already in conversation when she dropped a cork that she played with all the time. She bent over to reach it and I realized that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

I acted immediately, standing behind her cupping her both tits with my hands. This hot slut didn’t resist me, so I started moving them and playing with her nipples, while rubbing my crotch against her ass. My dick got really hard and she could feel that even through my pants. She leaned on her stomach which made it much easier to pull up that robe and reveal a lovely, little pink pussy that she had. I touched it with my finger and slid in the tip of it.

It was so hot, wet and tight that I couldn’t wait any longer and I pulled down my pants, instantly and stuck my dick inside it.

At first it went a bit harder than I thought as I didn’t really prepared that pussy well. But slowly I managed to stick the entire dick in. As my hard cock was in, I felt it pulsating and I felt her firm butt-cheeks leaning against my stomach. I fucked her harder and harder and each time I pushed my dick all the way in, I would see her butt wobble a bit. That made me grab it and squeeze it hard while fucking her doggy style. I guess that our two Rafeiro do Alentejo dogs did the same thing outside, but I didn’t really care that much.

I only care about where and how to cum. I wanted to cum in her mouth, on her back, all over those tits. I wanted it all, but couldn’t decide. That thinking made me even more horny, so I just had the time to pull my exploding dick out of her pussy and cum on her ass. It was all like a scenario of those XXX movies. I guess both Buddy and I had our share that night. You can watch these Eronavt sexy sluts online.